Avgust Reign

by | Mar 10, 2022

Waxa Daabacay Kooxda Sare Sare Maarso 10, 2022

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Artist Name: Avgust Reign

Wax nooga sheeg wax ku saabsan adiga oo ay tahay inay taageerayaashu ogaadaan:

I would describe myself as honest and minimal. I love to create an atmosphere with my sound and experimenting is a huge part of that. There’s a really delicate balance of trying to make something sound so grand and so minimal at the same time that I love.

Xageed ka timid maxaase muusigga ka jira halkaas?

I’m from Frederick, MD but I studied/lived in NYC for years and that’s where it really feels like home for me. I recently moved to Los Angeles, CA for the music scene and it’s been pretty good so far. There’s a great community of artists out here and everyone is really receptive to collaborating which is amazing.

Waad i raaci kartaa oo waxaad ka eegi kartaa alaabtayda halkan:

Instagram: AvgustReign
Twitter: AvgustReign

Song Title: Fever Dream

Let’s have a listen to the new Avgust Reign track:

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